The Grandfather Of Social Media…The Hand Shake!

With Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and many more social media platforms, one remains the true original…the handshake!  In ancient times, a handshake was a form of open communication. It was a quick way to say “I come in peace” in times of war and also a gesture that automatically said “nice to meet you” or “it was a pleasure doing business”. It is with sadness that I write to you today to announce…long gone are those days! Sure, we still shakes hands or more commonly now the fist to fist “blow” (or many other versions…like the squid), but the impact is much less important.

Traditional Handshake Done Right!

How To Shake Hands on Howcast

I say let’s revolt, let’s take back our hand shake ritual, let’s stop all these social media non-sense and go back to the old traditional ways. I say screw Facebook and the likes and focus one the one-on-one face-to-face way of communication! I mean does it really matter if you won’t be able to reach thousands of people in matter of seconds or have a global impact faster then you can say “global impact”? Does it really matter if no one other then your neighbor know what you’re up to? Does it matter if you’re not current on all events as they happen? YOU BET YOUR ASS IT DOES…now shut-up and get plugged in! Join every social media outlet you can, work 24/7 keeping up-to-date, and be the person that moves forward with time and not backward…join the social media age!

What are your thoughts on this? Agree…disagree? Write some comments will ya! :)

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