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Insights on Birthdays

Yes today is my birthday and you guessed it, I have to write an article about it. Since I’m turning the big “FOUR O” I don’t just want to write any article…I want to give you “Insights” on the meaning of birthdays. For many of you out there in the SEO/SEM world, a word is more then just a word…it’s the key to success. The key to open many doors. The key that determines whether you fail or make through the next round. Yes, words are keywords and “birthdays” is no exception.  But really, what could a keyword reveal? Or how do you go about finding out the identity of a keyword? Let me tell you…Google Insights for Search is a pretty good place to start!  Here is what Google Insights can do:

Google Insights Usage Definition - Great keyword history and tracking information









By using Google Insights you get great historic information about any keyword or key phrase. For example, did you know that the top 10 country searching for the keyword birthdays are:

Top 10 countries searching for the keyword birthdays








I know, Canada is 7th…we love our Birthdays and today is a special day to declare it! ;)  So, with all this Insight…is it enough to have a very targeted marketing campaign? Absolutely…especially if you add some of the most popular keywords that are being used such as:


Birthday keywords that will work for your marketing campaign







So knowing all this information…what are you thinking of?  I’m thinking that a tabloid magazine could be targeting most of their marketing on celebrity birthdays in the U.K., U.S., and Ireland! Why Ireland? I’ll let you play around and figure that one out…leave a comment if you know the answer!


Bottom line, if you’re in the marketing industry, this tool is FANTASTIC! So happy birthday everyone and happy searching!