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Track Your Stats For Success

For nearly as long as we’ve had the ability to publish to the Web, tools have existed to help us measure traffic on our sites. In the early days, there were log file-based systems that gave us a general idea of the number of “hits” we were getting each week. In time, more accurate and sophisticated methods emerged, often using a combination of JavaScript and cookies to track human activity and filter out the bots. Hits turned into unique visits and page views.

As advanced and detailed as tools like Google Analytics and others are, they have a tendency to be slow in accumulating data, which would be fine, except that the Web is getting bigger and faster. Some analytics products take up to 24 hours to populate data, which clearly isn’t fast enough to keep up with the real-time Web.

A number of solutions for real-time analytics have emerged over the last few years, giving Web publishers and marketers a detailed glimpse into what’s happening on their sites at any given moment. Products like Woopra, Optify, Chartbeat, Clicky and ClickTale all offer such up-to-the-second insights. Since most of them have relatively low price points, small businesses can easily take advantage of these tools and benefit enormously from doing so.

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