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Search Engine Optimization Imagery

It really is difficult to calculate how huge Search Engine Marketing is. Many people are aware of the fact that Search Engine Marketing is what every web master wants to ensure that his website gets on top of page results. You have to take up lots of features if you wish to enjoy the whole setting of SEO. Let’s try to realize a significant but underrated SEO element, the images.

Many times when you were still young your interest was much more described in the publications that had many pictures inside. In line with this, when you read books with too much text, you may end up on the boredom side. This is the reason you have to use an illustrator if you need to become a writer. It’s not enough that we read descriptions on how Snow White appears like. Some pictures of Snow White will bring out the significance much better. Nobody wants to waste their time on the books when the web is up All you need to know is that the publications along with the web work closely to offer relevant information.

The on- line community is utilized by a number of folks. Gone are the days when only grown -ups are the only ones permitted to go surfing. Many three year olds may use the net to do what they desire. The reason they surf is to play on- line games in addition to looking at some nice pictures.

Every time that you inspect a certain website, you have to acknowledge that you’re interested not only with contents. We all like to see pictures of different setting and characteristics. Everyone these days is keen on seeing images that will make them happy.

Website owners understand the requirement for pictures. Some of the people don’t have passion for reading. In every web site, we can pause from reading too many texts by taking a look at pictures. Lots of people find it easy to understand the significance of certain concept if they just look at the images and complement it with the text.

Pictures are important within the whole website design. Graphics are so great at attracting increasingly more traffic on your website. You’ll fall short in your web designing since the images on your website can’t be interpreted by the various search engines. On other issue is that the images fill up your website easily.

Search Engine Marketing works in a manner that all images and textual links are effectively balanced. Even though your pictures are nice and appealing, they will be ineffective when search engines like google can’t locate your website. More often than not, a layout compromise is necessary for a website to be pleasant and obtainable to consumers.

As long as your hard work is centred online, you have to respect the importance of the images. Nevertheless, images should serve as links or used for showing texts. This is a frequent practice for none SEO sites. It might sound ironic but is a useful SEO experts technique. The moment you let go of all the pictures you’ve got on your website, the aesthetics setting will break once and for all.

The easiest way for your pictures to be tracked by the various search engines is applying much more textual descriptions within them. Make sure you use keywords combined with written content. Utilizing ideal name and adding essential info for each image is extremely crucial. So in your coding, make sure to always complete the “ALT Tag” with relevant keywords describing the picture and making it as relevant to the site as possible.
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Shopping On The Go with Google Commerce Search

Wednesday October 12, 2011

There was a lot of activity around Google’s commerce search today so i decided to investigate a little further!

Social Media Activity on Google Commerce Search

Of course, everything is related to how your shopping experience can be made easier by using your mobile phone and Google’s Commerce Search! Add QR codes in the mix and now we have something! ;)

Directly from the Official Google Blog:

Building an amazing mobile shopping experience with Google Commerce Search

Mobile usage in retail is on the rise—every year we see an increasing number of shopping queries originate from mobile phones. As mobile continues to proliferate, it’s also fundamentally changing the way people shop. Mobile and shopping are made for each other.Knowing this, we’re sharing a secret with you: it’s not too late to get your e-commerce site ready for the mobile surge this holiday shopping season. In fact, our newest customer, Timberland, just went live with their mobile-optimized website powered by Google Commerce Search in a matter of days.Chris Hardisty, director of Timberland Global E-Commerce, told us: “Our first priority in developing our mobile website was making sure customers had the best experience possible. Shoppers today expect fast and relevant results especially on mobile, where speed and interactivity matter most. Since we launched our mobile-optimized website, we have seen mobile sales grow 20 times faster than our desktop site sales.”

Today we’re growing the Google Commerce Search family by opening up our new Google Commerce Search Partner Program, and welcoming Branding Brand and Perficient Systems as our inaugural partners. We wanted to make it easier for retailers to adopt Google Commerce Search to help them achieve amazing results and meet their customers’ needs. Through this new program, system integrators, digital agencies and commerce platform providers can partner with us to bring the unique capabilities of Google Commerce Search to their retail clients.

Branding Brand has worked with Timberland and—earlier this year—GNC to turn their mobile visions into reality. Before GNC optimized their mobile website, 10 to 15 percent of their e-commerce traffic came from mobile. Since launching it this summer, there are twice as many visitors using search, and mobile search conversions are up 50 percent.

If you decide that building a mobile application is the best choice for you, it’s still important to build a powerful search experience that will help shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for and engage with your brand. In August, Westfield launched a mobile shopping app powered by Google Commerce Search for its 55 malls throughout the U.S. Alan Cohen, Executive Vice President, Management and Marketing for Westfield, told us “Whether the shopper is looking for a very specific product or general holiday gift items, the ability to search retailer products effortlessly is of real benefit.”

Ready to get started with your mobile commerce site? With the big holiday shopping season coming soon, we wanted to share some tips based on our relationships with our merchant customers:

  • Every millisecond counts: You can’t deliver an amazing mobile shopping experience to your customers by wasting their time. Shoppers should be able to find the products without unnecessary clicks, typing or other steps.
  • Engage your audience: Search has become highly interactive with suggestions and auto-complete, while mobile allows consumers to touch and engage with their devices in new and fun ways. Combining the two allows you to intrigue your potential customers for instant gratification.
  • Get to the point: Whether someone’s looking for a high-resolution digital camera or orange khaki trousers, you want to make sure that it’s easy to find—with minimal keystrokes, of course. Space is limited on those 3- or 4-inch screens, so make the most of it by providing relevant search results.
  • Bridge the gap: According to Google’s holiday retail user survey, 65 percent of high-end device users report they have used their device to find a business and then made a purchase at that business in person. In other words: mobile provides a great opportunity to drive foot traffic and bridge online and offline sales. You can delight shoppers by showing them when a product is also available in a store nearby—in-line with the search results.
We built Google Commerce Search just under two years ago to help retailers provide a great shopping experience to their customers, and we’ve had positive feedback from our retail partners on how they’ve been able to increase search revenues, site searches and online conversions while increasing customer satisfaction. Get started now with Google Commerce Search to build a great mobile experience in time for this year’s shopping season.