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The Google Penguin | Will Halifax Business Survive?

How to Survive Google Penguin In Halifax NS!

How Will Halifax NS Survive The Google Penguin UpdateAs an on-line marketing expert based in Halifax, Nova Scotia it is sometimes frustrating to keep up with all the algorithm changes Google goes through in a month. Not only do we have to take the time to keep up-to-date and relevant but also multiply our efforts to apply the changes to all our client base. Fortunately, there’s many resources we can lean on to help through the transitions. Personally I could see the many signs of what the new Google Penguin update would entail, and it’s clear that the off page efforts will now be harder to obtain, but at least we won’t have those crazy ass back-link spam (or less of them) any more.

I do see a pattern arising from some on-line discussions and it comes down to blame. People will blame Google for helping the “big” corporations rank easier while penalizing the smaller players…but I don’t see it that way. I see it as the “big” corporations having a larger budget to do it right in the first place as oppose to finding loop holes due to a low budget and exploiting them.

Either way, any update that Google comes up with now and in the future will frustrate all corporations (big or small) because it involves change…but what we have to keep an eye out for is will the users appreciate the changes? The users are the ones that have the power over what works best today and what will need to change for tomorrow!

Personal NOTE: For those Halifax marketing firms that are starting to whine about the latest Google Penguin changes, stop focusing on what you did in the past and do the “right” and current Halifax SEO strategies for your clients. Don’t waste your time on the past or blame Google and focus on the present and what YOU have control over! We work in a fast pace, fast changing industry (SEO, SEM, Social media, etc…) and this should not be a shock!

Overview Of Google Penguin Update by Search Engine Roundtable:

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The Right SEO Targeting

Many of our clients ask how they can get high SERP (search engine results page) ranking using normal SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. Let me assure you that there’s nothing normal about “SEO”!


There are a number of questions you need to answer in order to set the right path to success, but here are the top three that should get you started right:

1. What are your SEO’s main goal?

There are many ways to set-up SEO campaigns in regards to search results. Do you want to target long tail keyphrase(s) in just a couple of niche geography or target more specific keyword(s) nationally or internationally geography. Do you want or can you be included in the “map/places” section locally? Is the effort product specific or company wide? Is it time sensitive? Are there multiple departments involved? Does it couple other goals such as creative marketing efforts? etc… Once you have a complete picture of your company’s SEO goals, your can set a roadmap to success!

2. What is your SEO budget and break even point?

Let’s be honest, everyone wants to be #1 for free, but that’s beyond unrealistic. You need to know (or your marketing firm should know) the investment you will need to obtain first page results (keep in mind ranking can NEVER be guaranteed) based on your set goals. Once you know this, you should also know what the estimated leads will be and your estimated conversion. Based on this, a quick calculation to know your break even (and ROI) is easy, giving your business the “Go / No Go” of the project.

3. Who is in charge?

Everyone’s an SEO expert today and you should have no worries…NOT! Make sure you get an employee or a marketing firm that knows everything from the proper on-page factors (such the right coding:  rel=”canonical”, rel=”next” and rel=”prev”, meta tags, URL structure, etc…), off-page factors (such as: article creations, proper directory submission, relevant linking, citations, etc…), and local presence (such as: server location, TLD, places/map optimization, etc…). Once you have selected your option, track your success with a complete daily reports analysis!

Now, these are the top three things that we feel is important to get your project going in the right direction. Although there’s much more to it (this was very top level), these are simple enough to know if you have someone experienced driving your SEO efforts!