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Advertising On Google, Bing, and Yahoo?

Why advertise with Google, Yahoo, or Bing?

According to Comscore qSearch March 2010, consumers are 38% more likely to buy from Bing/Yahoo search advertising then Google Advertising. With over 15 million unique searches per month, it this a good advertisement? I would have to say YES! But what about Google? Why should you loose out there? How can you focus on all three search engine, Google, Yahoo, and Bing without going crazy!?

Well the answer is clear…get a company that knows how to do it well and hire them to do it for you. This is a no brainer and why most large corporations don’t run their own (or only their own) SEM (search engine marketing) campaigns.
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Having said that, you should find a reputable company that’s been around for a long time and knows what they’re doing! Not only that, make sure that they can PROVE to you the return on your investment by tracking results on the SEM. Bottom line, SHOW ME THE MONEY!