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Are You Online Trendy!?

Did you like the 2011 Oscar Awards? What were the trends? Did you notice all the different fashions and the way “the stars” acted down the red carpet!? Trends have always been part of our cultures. It is a way we communicate and a way that we can behave “similarly” with each other. Just like the Oscars, your online marketing needs to follow a certain trend in order to be “in” with the crowd. (Canada)

Google trends allows you to compare the popularity of searches over a fairly wide spread of time. Google Trends also offers another useful tool that will provide the focus of this post: Hot Trends. Hot Trends allows you to see which searches have experienced a dramatic increase in searches for the day. This knowledge is extremely useful for your search advertising campaigns.

Keeping track of trends for your target audience is a necessary part of your search campaign. This tool allows you to do exactly this. While it is not perfectly scientific, its ability to show trends and the limited data it provides on current issues related to certain points on the graph are extremely useful. I have already examined Google Trends in another post, but this post relates to its relevancy for your advertising. Knowing the current trends provides you with a greater ability to target your campaigns.