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Free Ads That Cost – Kijiji Explained

I always wondered what the benefits of was…and soon found out that a good ROI calculation is needed depending on the product.  Sure, if you have a service to offer  like babysitting then a free ad may do justice, but what about a chair or old movie DVDs? Unless you are willing to pay to always remain on top, you will lose ground very fast and by the time you look at your update, you’re on page 30. So what does that mean? Well, just like any search engine, people are not willing to invest time to scroll through page after page to find what they are looking for. They need instant gratification! So you need to be where they are looking and the only way to do that on Kijiji is…you guested it…to pay up!




Now, if you sell an item that’s less then the amount it cost to promote, you’re out of luck. But if you have an item that’s well worth the spend, having a top placement does make the difference between making money and not. Again, you need to do the math and make sure you track everything that you post. Tracking and reports is where you will be the king of your business!  Other ways to market where and when people are ready to buy is with the most trusted source…check it out!