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The Google Penguin | Will Halifax Business Survive?

How to Survive Google Penguin In Halifax NS!

How Will Halifax NS Survive The Google Penguin UpdateAs an on-line marketing expert based in Halifax, Nova Scotia it is sometimes frustrating to keep up with all the algorithm changes Google goes through in a month. Not only do we have to take the time to keep up-to-date and relevant but also multiply our efforts to apply the changes to all our client base. Fortunately, there’s many resources we can lean on to help through the transitions. Personally I could see the many signs of what the new Google Penguin update would entail, and it’s clear that the off page efforts will now be harder to obtain, but at least we won’t have those crazy ass back-link spam (or less of them) any more.

I do see a pattern arising from some on-line discussions and it comes down to blame. People will blame Google for helping the “big” corporations rank easier while penalizing the smaller players…but I don’t see it that way. I see it as the “big” corporations having a larger budget to do it right in the first place as oppose to finding loop holes due to a low budget and exploiting them.

Either way, any update that Google comes up with now and in the future will frustrate all corporations (big or small) because it involves change…but what we have to keep an eye out for is will the users appreciate the changes? The users are the ones that have the power over what works best today and what will need to change for tomorrow!

Personal NOTE: For those Halifax marketing firms that are starting to whine about the latest Google Penguin changes, stop focusing on what you did in the past and do the “right” and current Halifax SEO strategies for your clients. Don’t waste your time on the past or blame Google and focus on the present and what YOU have control over! We work in a fast pace, fast changing industry (SEO, SEM, Social media, etc…) and this should not be a shock!

Overview Of Google Penguin Update by Search Engine Roundtable:

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Are You Loosing Your Job Over a Bear?

Google Penda Update

Will The Panda Update Affect Your Ranking or SEO Efforts in a Local Setting Like Halifax Nova Scotia?

Google has made another tweak to Panda following the one on Oct. 9, unofficially bringing the algorithm to version 2.5.2, as dubbed by Search Engine Roundtable. Matt Cutts at Google via Twitter confirmed the second update on Oct. 13.


The latter change, however, seems to be a major one, SER reports, pointing to literally hundreds of complaints on forum and message boards.

It may be, though, that the huge drop in traffic reported in 2.5.2 — read SER’s post for links to the comments — will be short lived. That appears to be the case with Panda 2.5, when,,, and all experienced major hits from Panda 2.5, according to Searchmetrics.

Many, though, quickly rebounded, Search Engine Watch said. Consumer Affairs had a 78% drop, and then saw a 437% increase the next week, it wrote. The same “drop and improve” pattern is true of,,,, and others on the “loser” list, it said.

“Either Google has already backed off this Panda update, which isn’t something that seems to have been noticed or announced, these sites all leaped into action as soon as they heard of this update and quickly fixed all their issues, or there was an issue with the data that week, that’s corrected itself this week.”

If it is the latter then that is good, because the industry will just have to get used to these changes, WebProNews writes. “The lesson here is that while Google can be a tremendous source of traffic, you’d do well to put the effort into creating and improving upon other sources. Google is not going to stop altering its algorithm,” it said.

Job Losses

Indeed, Panda has already led to job losses in the search industry, accordingto an informal poll taken by Barry Schwartz at SER. Some 9.2% of respondents – or 23 people — claimed to have lost a job because of the Google Panda update. In addition, 6.8% said they had to lay off people because of the Panda update, for another 17 lost positions. “A shocking 25% of you are “afraid” you may lose your job or may have to layoff people because of the Panda update. That means, business is not good, traffic is down or your SEO client is blaming you for their downgrade in rankings,” Schwartz concluded. So what does this all mean for you local Halifax SEO efforts? It means you need to be on top of the changes before they happen and keep tweaking your SEO program to maximize returns.

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