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Quick List of Google Plus Circles to Add

Top Google Circles to Share

Wednesday September 28, 2011

There’s no lack of people to follow within your Google+ circles. To get started you perform a specific search and get results based on that search…but who are these people? So obviously you decide to check them out one-by-one. You click on their name and check out their Google+ page. You verify their on-page information to see what exactly they do and determine what the benefits of having them in your circles would be. Then you decide…and sure enough, you add them to this circle or that circle and move to the next person in line. Then you start thinking “I wish there was a faster and more credible way to do this!”

Well there is!

Check out these Google Plus Circle lists which I pulled from numerous sources (copy and paste to your browser):

For photographers and photo fans:

  • Tech executives, Journalists, tech investors, and entrepreneurs

  • Social media circle

  • Comic  Story Circles

  • Celebrity circle

  • Google+ Extension Developers

  • Open Web circle [open web standards and interoperability]

New Year New You

  • Google Employers, Officials

  • Top 10 Techwriters about Google

  • Programmers/developers


And you can also check out Google’s “Get Started” list of people to follow!