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The Importance of Branding

Tuesday October 4, 2001

In today’s world of marketing, knowing where your brand stands is crucial information. According to Branz Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands of 2011, Apple is number one with an 84% increase from 2010.

Top 50 brands of major corpoations



Surprisingly Google didn’t make it to number one but came in a strong second although it lost 2 points. Blackberry is now in 25th points and lost 20% over 2010 but still ahead of Facebook which made a strong entrance to this ranking at 35th place. Although not in first place, Facebook did lead the pack of “top risers” with a 246% surge in brand value.

Here are some other points to know:

  • The newcomers ranking featured brands from fast-growing markets and Canadian Scotiabank who took 87th position.
  • The Insurance industry had the most brand growth with 137% follow by Fast Food at 22%
  • More then half of the 13 brands that appeared for the first time in the regional rankings were based in China or Brazil
  • Wireless data transmission surpassed voice last year for the first time, with AT&T taking flight in first place
  • Twelve Chinese and three Brazilian brands appeared on the rise within the list
  • Economic growth is driving brand presence in India


So when you are driving change within your organization, always consider the possible impacts on your brand. Always be aware of your “image” and corporate values, as they creates trust and in turn growth for your corporation. Here are 21 steps that you can follow to stay on top of your brand:


1) Anticipate Change
2) Understand Change
3) Stand for Something Original
4) Stand for Something Consistent
5) Stand for Something More
6) Innovate: Easy to say, Hard to do
7) Differentiate
8) Converse with Customers (social media)
9) Talk Clearly
10) Listen Closely
11) Be Honest
12) Be Open
13) Build Trust
14) Deliver a Great Experience
15) Deliver Value
16) Grow Brand Value
17) Protect Brand Value
18) Be Consistent but Flexible
19) Measure
20) Act NOW
21) Break The Rules