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What’s a Blog Without Posts?

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but sometime life takes away time and makes it impossible for you to squeeze more in a single day.  As you can imagine, not taking time on my blog will cost me plenty! To start, I will most likely lose my regular Halifax readers since what they look is up-to-date information and I failed them.  I will most likely lose some Google love since it too loves up-to-date relevant updates. But most of all, what I lose big time, is the consistency that I created! The consistency in doing daily updates, consistency working with WordPress and learning this platform, consistency in finding up-to-date and relevant articles to write on.

According to Blogging Pro, while a blogger should always provide new and exciting types of content to keep their returning and new visitors entertained and informed there is something to be said about create certain “types” of content that can be revisited in new and exciting ways.

One of the easiest ways to quickly develop content with a common unifying theme is through persistent “focused content.”

Defining Persistent Focused Content

So what exactly is persistent focus content, in it’s most basic of terms it refers to repeating post types used at consistent times. For example a blogger might run a website where “hot topics” are sometimes discussed, such as a parenting website, in that case “Hot Topic Tuesday” would be a persistent focused content option in which the blogger consistently creates a hot topic post on Tuesdays.

Important Actions Accomplished With Persistent Focused Content

These type of posts perform three important actions. First they give a writer something to think about and look forward to and therefore “brainstorm” there next topics rather than just “jumping in spur of the moment.”

Second, this post type gives readers the chance to visit your blog at certain times knowing they will receive the type of content they are looking for.

Third, persistent focused content allows bloggers to engage with other bloggers in their same space, for example you might suggested to your fellow blogging friends that every Monday your blogs should showcase “Tech Fail Friday” in which you will post about big failures in technology for the week and then link into each others blog.

By forming simple to create content for yourself, allowing your readers to find consistency in your daily work and then connecting with other bloggers in the same niche you work in you can essentially create on and off-site community building with very little trouble.

Several Pitfalls Of Persistent Focused Content Creation

The biggest pitfall when creating persistent content is the simple fact that your users expect it and you might alienate them if you forget to create a post during a certain expected time. For example if you don’t have a “hot topic” to discuss for “Hot Topic Tuesday” some of your readers might not return to look for that same type content the following week.

A second issue arrives when you want to shift the focus of your content. For example perhaps “Tech Failure Friday” has become harder to write about and you decide “Future Gadgets Friday” would be better. At this point you have created an expectation for your reader which you must now work to change. A good writer will quickly point out that looking to the future is better than pointing out mistakes now in the past but that won’t work for every focused content section you create.


Persistent focused content is a great way to engage your readers, just remember that once you begin to create this type of content you need to stick with it in order to build a following around your consistent ideas. I highly suggest building your blog and figuring out what type of content your readers like to examine through analytics examination, at which point you can determine the best type of persistent focused content to create on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

Making Money Blogging…NOT!

Monday September 26, 2011

Making Money Blogging Is Harder Then It Looks



Everyone wants to make more money these days…including me of course. But there’s a myth out there that it’s easy to do. Just get yourself a domain name, put it out there in cyberspace, put a few ads and voila!

Partner for free with 500 of the Internet’s top online merchants!

Well, if that was the case, everyone would be doing it. It’s not that simple unfortunately!  There are many things that will determine your on-line success.


You need to have a niche website/blog with content that readers will be coming back for. You need great on-page architecture and off-page efforts for the love of the search engines. You need social media to drive visits, likes, diggs, +1′s, and everything in between. You need determination and will to never give up and keep going. You need energy to post and update your site daily if not hourly. But most importantly, you need sanity, because doing all this (especially if only on part time hours) will drive one crazy!


Once you have completed all of that over and over again on multiple sites/blogs and incorporate the proper advertising for each, then maybe…just maybe you will start to have some good return of investment!

Earn revenue from your website’s traffic.


In the meantime, I will you luck my friends!
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