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Making Money Blogging…NOT!

Monday September 26, 2011

Making Money Blogging Is Harder Then It Looks



Everyone wants to make more money these days…including me of course. But there’s a myth out there that it’s easy to do. Just get yourself a domain name, put it out there in cyberspace, put a few ads and voila!

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Well, if that was the case, everyone would be doing it. It’s not that simple unfortunately!  There are many things that will determine your on-line success.


You need to have a niche website/blog with content that readers will be coming back for. You need great on-page architecture and off-page efforts for the love of the search engines. You need social media to drive visits, likes, diggs, +1′s, and everything in between. You need determination and will to never give up and keep going. You need energy to post and update your site daily if not hourly. But most importantly, you need sanity, because doing all this (especially if only on part time hours) will drive one crazy!


Once you have completed all of that over and over again on multiple sites/blogs and incorporate the proper advertising for each, then maybe…just maybe you will start to have some good return of investment!

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In the meantime, I will you luck my friends!
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