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Old Creative Marketing Ads Efficiency

A co-worker and fellow blogger Shawn Lowe recently posted an old Trix cereal ad from I’m thinking the 1960′s on Google+ and simply wrote “back to school kiddies!”   This got me thinking about how strange the evolution of creative advertisement is. Here are a few examples:


Pop For Your Babies!

I don’t know about you, but I have three kids and there’s no way I would be giving them pop of any kind. But then again, there was a lot of things being done back then that we know now not to do…such as licking led paint! ;)

7up pop advertisement





Caffeen for babies...nice


Smoking for Health!

What about going to a doctor that promotes smoking…yummy for my lungs!

Doctor Smoking Camels


Baby Shaving His Face!

The only thing I’m wondering here is how where the blades before this “safety” blade? Wouldn’t want to see that ad!

Baby shaving with safety blades


The Soap Horror Show!

I’m not sure what they were trying to sell over here?!  Maybe that if your tub falls on you, might as well be clean?

Scary Soap Ad


Vive Le Pork Sausages!

Why not promote the freshness of our meat by having a pig kill itself!? Got to give it to the French! ;)

Fresh pork Sausages takes a new meaning


Now, I’m not saying today’s ads aren’t as “interesting” but just a little more perfected.  Somehow we have figured out (mostly) what and how to do creative advertising. We have gathered decades of statistics and are now able to target specific genders, age groups, geography, etc… to get the most out of the ads for as little spend as possible. To add, the tools to create and deliver an ad have also evolved making it hard to compare between 50 years ago and today. Regardless, some of the old ads are a kicker to view and still create amazing publicity even in today’s age, like the pictures used in this blog post for instance, makes me want a nice cold 7up…but stay off the pork sausages!