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Social Media to Create Cancer Awareness and Fund Raising

I’m sure I’m no different then most! Having been touched by Cancer in some way, shape, or form. Just recently I have been informed that my wife’s uncle, Albert Hartling, had signs of his cancer coming back…and this really shocked and saddened me. Here is a man (and family) that always gives, there to help anyone that is in need, and now this happens to him. Recently I have grown closer to them as they helped me and my family get through some tough issues. We lived with them for months, adding daily stresses a large family like ours brings, and not once did they complain or asked us to leave. So we asked ourself…why Albert!?

You see, Cancer doesn’t choose only the strong, it also goes for the weak. It doesn’t attack the young, but also the old. It doesn’t differentiate the colour of skin or the background of life. Cancer can happen to anyone at anytime!

We must unite and stop cancer! We must find the cure! Please join me today…now…to end it once and for all! All that’s needed is a minimum donation of $1 or more.

Please sponsor me NOW

and help Albert Hartling, amongst the million others.

Thank you!

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