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What a great social event I attended in Toronto this past week! And no, I’m not talking about UFC night on Saturday (although that was quite a good one too)! I’m talking about Search Marketing Expo – SMX Toronto.

 How can an event like this go wrong when you have speakers like Bill Barnes – Co-Founder and Executive VP, Enquiro (a Mediative Company), Bruce Clay – President
Bruce Clay, Inc., and Chris Sherman – Executive Editor, Search Engine Land.


The session I enjoyed the most (as I was able to get really in-depth knowledge on SEO which was more on my level of understanding) was:
Tech Depot - An Office Depot Co.

[SEO-Advanced-4] Industrial Strength SEO for Big Sites:
Managing SEO for a large web site isn’t for the faint of heart. You’ve got major technical challenges, such as dealing with content management systems, optimizing for thousands or millions of keywords, multiple domains, often in multiple countries, constantly changing content… and those don’t even factor in the major “people challenges” of training and managing diverse teams, dealing with competing stakeholders, placating meddling executives… and the beat(ing) goes on. In this session, our panel of experts have all wrestled with SEO for huge websites and won, and share their unique insights and battle scars.

Moderator: Gil Reich, VP Product Management,
Vanessa Fox, Contributing Editor, Search Engine Land
Laura Callow-Mackenzie, Senior Search Marketing Manager, Intuit
Bruce Clay, President, Bruce Clay Inc
Guillaume Bouchard, President, NVI
Check out the expo details by going to the SMX website and make sure you register for next year!
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