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Tuesday October 11, 2011
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Today Topsy Labs, a real-time social search platform, announced the addition of Google+ as a source in its real-time social search index. Topsy features an influence algorithm to display the most pertinent and popular social results. In addition to social posts, Topsy displays shared links with social context within the results. A little over a month ago, we had previously anointed Topsy as the biggest winner in the Google real-time search fallout. Now it’s getting more powerful with the addition of Google+ data. Source: Search Engine Land


About Topsy:

Topsy Labs, Inc. enables businesses around the globe to apply social intelligence to realtime decisioning. Our fast-indexing technology ingests massive amounts of authored content from the world’s largest social networks and our live-ranking software applies influence algorithms to social data, identifying the most important content seconds after it has been posted to the social web. We produce a variety of metrics calculated from census-based social data sets, enabling businesses to interpret social signal in ways that are meaningful to each business segment’s needs, with high degrees of precision and in realtime.

Our technical team is comprised of world-class data scientists, statisticians and engineers hailing from the anti-spam world. For the past five years we’ve been creating large-scale systems and databases from scratch designed to index massive amounts of authored content in realtime, with algorithms ranking what’s bad and what’s good content based upon influence graphs.

The Topsy platform powers the leading realtime social search engine for consumers at Our API is used by some of the world’s largest online publishers, search engines,

content aggregators and marketers, with more than a half-billion queries processed per month. And, our software is designed for deployment within large customer’s data centers to horizontally scale to any production needs while satisfying high security needs. Customers across multiple verticals rely upon our technology to interprete precise, actionable intelligence from the social web, powering realtime decisoning.
Here’s a video from Youtube…a little dated but still worth watching to give you the just of what they do (just add G+ to their search index):

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